Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Outdoor Education Activities

Outdoor Education Centers, providers of arts and recreation programs to students, aim to improve performance and build cohesion between society and the school. Outdoor education, learning out of school, will give a memorable experience as students learn from nature with group activities.Outdoor education activities consists of hikes, wall climbing, archery, practical science, swimming (which is a important life skill), canoeing, astronomy, tent pitching, yoga, horse-riding (would that not be interesting?) and so on. Such activities proves the students' test scores, average grade points, skills in problem solving, critical thinking ability and decision making competency.Wall climbing ensures to build determination and drive. The archery trains your eye-hand co-ordination. Other activities are also fun, interesting and, more importantly, rewarding.Summer camps and workshops also provide outdoor education programs. Nowadays, parents are looking to send their children for summer camps to learn arts and craft, dance, drama and survival-skills programs. There are a wide variety to learn, such as music, he arts, physical skills (like swimming, horse-riding, martial arts),modern music, enunciation skills, navigation (map and compass),basic medical skills(treating to injuries, CPR) and a lot of other very useful skills.Creative activities train students to create, think, analyze and learn. The rationale of the professionals in summer camps ensures that the children learn skills, spark creativeness, build self-esteem, interact with peers and, ultimately add value to their lives. Not only that, qualified nutritional experts would teach healthy eating habits and also healthy, fun exercises like yoga and dance to involve health and fitness into the programmers. The outdoor education, summer camps and workshops are open to students of all age group. But some outdoor activities are only for students above 16 years old, due maybe to the additional physical toughness needed at that age.Outdoor Education appeals to parents because of its great value-added programs.
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